The Uncondemned By NYC Based Documentary Company Film At 11 Premieres At Hamptons Film Festival

"On Friday, we attended the sold-out premiere of the film at the Hamptons International Film Festival, where it won the 2015 Brizzolara Family Foundation Award for a Film on Conflict and Resolution (beating out, among others, the film He Named Me Malala), and was also selected yesterday for the Victor Rabinowitz & Joanne Grant Award for Social Justice."

at Untapped Cities by Michelle Young 

Audience Remembers Late Filmmaker, Feels Impact of 'The Uncondemned'

"Nick Louvel had just dropped off the documentary film he co-directed, "The Uncondemned," to the organizers of the Hamptons International Film Festival late at night on Sept. 23. He took a selfie in the process, then text-messaged it to his co-director colleague, Michele Mitchell, along with two short sentences: "I'm proud of this film. I'm proud of us.""

at The East Hampton Star by Christine Sampson

Hamptons International Film Festival Highlights

"Friday was the World Premiere of The Uncondemned in the Conflict and Resolution category.   This may well be the most powerful movie of the festival.  It is a documentary about a group of lawyers and activists attempting to prosecute rape as an international war crime as part of the genocide trials in Rwanda."

at Hip Hamptons by Holly Buchanan 

The Uncondemned

"This 81-minute documentary film is about the first time rape was prosecuted as a crime of war. It’s been a crime of war since 1919, but wasn’t prosecuted until 1997, when a group of young prosecutors, activists and investigators went after that first conviction. "

at The Kigalian by Brian Gatera 

Kagame Graces Premiere Of Genocide Film On Rape

"“These women bring out the voices of many others who couldn’t speak for themselves. I am part of that history of what happened to these women, I feel, I share and I live their pain. Thank you the filmmakers and everyone who contributed to this, it is part of justice,” said the President."

at The New Times by Doreen Umutesi

Premiere Of Film On The Historic Trial That Made Rape A War Crime

"I was a gender consultant to ICTR in 1996 where I did the initial legal analysis of the sexual assault case against Akayesu, arguing that the indictment (for killings as acts of genocide and as crimes against humanity) against him should be amended to include charges of rape and other sexual assaults that occurred at the Taba Bureau Communale, which was under his control.  I appear in the film, along with the two American lawyers who tried the case, Pierre-Richard Prosper and Sara Darehshori. "

at UC Davis Faculty Blog by Lisa Pruitt

The War Crime That Kills You Quietly

"Rwanda launched a turning point in the international community by successfully pursuing rape as a war crime. A new documentary, The Uncondemned, examines the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, the team that brought the justice to the victims of the genocide, and the witnesses that helped make it possible." 

at The Daily Beast by Neesha Arter

Filmmaker Documents Historic Trial That Made Rape A War Crime

"There is no ambiguity about rape as a weapon of war. It is an act of deadly intent. The victims are women and men, children and elderly. So it's not about "sex". It's about power, humiliation and torture. We wanted to tell a story of what to do about it." 

at NYT Live by Neesha Arter

NYC-based Film Company “Film at 11” Tackles Real Issues, Responsibly Rogue

"With journalism roaring its ugly head these days (Brian Williams, being the poster child for irresponsible reporting), it's important to recognize those still doing groundbreaking, important work. New York City- based film company, Film at Eleven, was founded in the back room of Meli Melo restaurant, a Murray Hill restaurant that's since shuttered, with the aim to tackle real issues, in a "responsibly rogue" fashion."

at Untapped Cities 

The Uncondemned: The Fight For The First Rape Conviction In Rwanda

""We've made a lot of very tough people cry."Michele Mitchell told a group of YPFP NY Members as part of the Women in Foreign Policy Series on Wednesday, May 27, 2015. Her new documentary, The Uncondemned, co-directed with Nick Louvel, chronicles the first conviction of rape as a war crime, as perpetrated by Jean-Paul Akayesu in Rwanda during the genocide of 1994."

at YPFP by Maxine Builder 

Michele Mitchell TEDxNavesink "What's Rape's Brand?

"Rape in conflict is not something that "just happens." It is an act of power, humiliation and torture. Finally it's been be pursued as vigorously as other war crimes, like use of poison gas."

Award-winning filmmaker, Michele Mitchell exposes the first case of prosecuting rape as a war crime.

The Trial That Made Rape a War Crime

"Documentary filmmakers Michele Mitchell and Nick Louvel are producing a film about the courtroom drama that unfolded. Jean-Paul Akayesu stood trial at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda for crimes against humanity, including, for the first time, ordering followers to rape en masse." 

at VitaminW by Padmini Parthasarathy

A Look Back At The Trial That Made Rape A War Crime

"The task was almost unimaginable in its magnitude.

After the Rwandan genocide, in which an estimated 800,000 people were slaughtered over a hundred days in 1994, the U.N. created the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda with the goal of bringing the organizers of the bloodshed to justice."

at The Huffington Post by Melissa Jeltson