It's been a year almost to the day since Michele and Nick went to Africa to begin principle photography on "The Uncondemned" - and five months since they finished. We thought we'd ask the question most of you want to know:

What, exactly, are they doing right now?

Michele: When we came back in June, I took all of the transcripts that the interns transcribed for us and wrote a treatment. How many pages is a treatment?

Nick: Like, twelve pages. A Hollywood treatment.

M: I thought, “Well maybe I’ll do thirty pages,” but I ended up writing 105.

N: She wrote a book, not a treatment.

M: I didn’t mean to.

N: Sure.

M: So, what I’ve been doing is taking the 105 pages and adapting it into a script. And as I finish each act, I’ve been passing it over to Nick to read, just to make sure I’m not losing my mind.

N: It’s already lost. From Michele's screenplay, I’m stringing up the interviews. We’re beginning to see the story and the emotional arcs of the characters come to life, even though we’re still at a very early stage.

Nick and Michele in Kitchanga, DRC.

Nick and Michele in Kitchanga, DRC.

M: Three days ago, I was able to type the words “Fade Out… Credits”. That was a very exciting moment in the office. For me.

N: A year ago, we were walking into the unknown, basically. The amazing thing is so much of what we had hoped to get from from being out in the field, we actually did get. I think we were well prepared, and we also got lucky.

M:  We got the full translations of the women’s interviews a month ago. We had an idea of what they said, but we didn’t have the word-for-word translation. They had been much more revealing. Sometimes, trauma victims, when you’re interviewing them, can be very short in what they have to say, but they were not. When I was working on Act Three, I kept saying to Nick, “Oh my God, I’m using almost every single minute of their interviews.”

N: The interviews are inspiring as opposed to depressing. You can tell that they are aware that they have a place in history.

The end of Act Three of the script for "The Uncondemned."

The end of Act Three of the script for "The Uncondemned."

M: Everyone keeps asking, “When will you have something done?”

N: We’ll have Acts One, Two and Three strung up by Thanksgiving. We’ll probably then cut half of all of the interviews out and make sure that we have the best story. Once that is done, we’ll have the challenge making a story that took place in 1997 come alive.

M: So that means, after Thanksgiving, instead of me sitting there (points to her desk) and Nick sitting there (points to his desk) we’re both sitting over there (points to Nick’s desk) working side by side. Our separate jobs are about to come to an end.

N: Ugh

M: We’ll find out if I did my job on the script or if I totally suck.

N: From what I’ve seen, it’s going to work.

M: Thanks.

N: That’s bullshit. It’s just for the recording.

Hope you enjoyed the update! 

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*Recorded on 11/12/14

** I think they might actually be going crazy.... -Clarissa Sosin, Production Coordinator